Standalones (Individual Books)

A Hotwife's Journey

Karen's Open Invitation  -  Karen's Party Surprise  -  Karen's Holiday Adventures

Take My Wife

Bon Voyeur  -  Abuse of Power  -  Global Playground

The Pillow Talk Collection

In the Shadow of The Riot

Available Books...

Midnight Mirror

X Flies



Compilations (Short Story Collections)

Quick Flicks Volume 1

Night Visits

Web of Deceit

Extramarital Pursuits

Operation Cuckold  -  Stag Nights  -  Unleashing the Bull

Closest Strangers

Hired Help

Stranger than Fiction


A Loaned Wife's Journey

Entertaining His Boss  -  Serving Both Partners  -  Approved by The Board




Delores Swallows

The Menage Diaries

Taking the Plunge  -  1999  -  Victor-Juliet-Charlie  -  The Lodger  -  Julia 07  -  Party Crasher