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Emma’s delighted when her housemate tells her that sexy postgrad-come-barman Jamie is hoping to run into her at an upcoming student party. She’s hoping he’ll be more mature than the undergrads she’s dated so far.
When they meet again, Jamie’s just as cute, charming and funny as she remembers. She knows that before long, they’ll be doing a whole lot more than just flirting.

Then Pru crashes the party. Blonde, gorgeous and confident, she’s every rival’s nightmare.

Emma’s unwilling to give Jamie up without a fight, but she’s not prepared for Pru to be such good company. She’s certainly not expecting to find another girl attractive.

Yet as the night progresses with a move to Jamie’s place, it turns out that Pru isn’t the party crasher after all…

A collection of four hot short stories that show just how strongly opposites attract.
Unjust Rewards - Maggie’s always had a thing for bad-boys. While working as a defence lawyer, she finds herself in a position to give serial-offender Sean more than just legal counsel…
The Bigger Picture - Inexperienced student Max knows that his friend’s larger-than-life neighbour Sheila has four children with four different fathers. But while waiting for his friend to get home, Sheila shows him there are better ways to spend his time than playing computer games…
Wedding Belles - Joanna’s been looking forward to their friends’ wedding for a long time. She's worked hard to get her figure back, found the perfect outfit and arranged a babysitter. Her husband decides to drink so much he passes out, but she realises her own evening doesn’t have to be ruined, thanks to the Maître d’...
Unbridled Passion - Leanne should be enjoying the perfect life—successful husband, beautiful daughter, nice house and car, regular exotic holidays. When she meets Doug, an obnoxious labourer at her daughter’s riding school, he wonders what’s missing from her life to make her so bitter. Then he puts his finger on it. In fact, he puts more than his finger on it. Leanne realises he’s probably not a labourer, and finds he’s actually not that obnoxious…

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When Janine allows Adam to talk her into visiting a casino to celebrate five years together, she never imagines that a night that starts with so much fun and flirting could end in such despair and debt. Adam doesn't just lose all the money they’d saved, he takes out credit they cannot afford to pay back.
They work extra hours and struggle for a month to save up enough for the first payment. Then, it appears, the casino manager has another way the struggling couple could make the interest payments.
Outraged, Janine immediately rejects the indecent proposal. ​But, despite the sleaziness of the suggestion, she’s flattered someone would be prepared to consider giving up that sort of money just for…​her, and the thought of allowing a complete stranger to use her body pushes buttons she didn’t know she had. 
And why does Adam seem so keen she should do it…?

Available Books

When Mark receives a letter from his girlfriend asking for help, he assumes she’s having trouble from an ex-boyfriend.

He hurries to Bristol to help her out, only to find that she’s been a voluntary participant in the seedy goings-on of a criminal underworld. But now she’s apparently upset a psychotic gangster who becomes convinced Mark’s part of a plan to disrupt his business.

Mark getting dragged into the fray is bad enough, but he soon discovers it’s not only himself that’s been drawn into the mess…​

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A collection of four hot stories about the illicit thrill derived from having sex with a stranger. 

End of the Line - Kerry’s husband wants sexy texts to read during a long train journey, and she obliges—revealing fantasies they’d never discussed face to face. But when he tells her he’s lost his phone, she goes a lot further than sending just texts.
Hors d’Oeuvres - English art student, Denny, finds himself sitting opposite a strange couple on a late night train out of Paris. The guy is huge, drunk and sleepy. The girl is tiny, sexy and very forward.
Character Reference - On the night before her interview Angela takes a mild tranquiliser to calm her nerves, but the only thing relaxed is her inhibitions. Having had very little sleep, she needs to think fast next morning to answer all the awkward questions thrown at her.
Trade - Denise’s husband assures her his obsession with wife-swapping doesn’t mean he wants a different life-partner—and she discovers a short-term trade can be a lot of fun.

The Menage Diaries series

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Taking a fleeting glimpse inside eight private bedrooms, we eavesdrop on couples having intimate conversations. Their discussions, which involve confessions about their pasts or revelations about their fantasies, inevitably lead to them having hot sex. 
Who’d have guessed what Shona got up to when she was in high school, or that Alison would go so far with a total stranger? And will Tom ever really know for sure if Eleanor’s fantasy about the young stud was just a fantasy? 
By spying into these bedrooms, voyeurs such as us get to learn all their sordid secrets, and we also get to enjoy their reactions to the dirty disclosures. 
Sometimes, just talking about sex can be as much fun as having sex.
But talking about sex while having sex is so much better…

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When police raid a large house in an exclusive London suburb expecting to find women forced into the sex trade by human traffickers, all they find are very attractive young women reaping the benefits of being the playthings of older Russian oligarchs. While most of the officers consider their evening wasted, Lynne, a WPC, sees things differently. Having witnessed a young blonde woman tied to a bed being used by two men, she finds herself both excited and painfully aware that her own life isn’t as exciting as it should be.

As the raiders ‘debrief’ over a few drinks at the pub, Lynne confesses to Joey, an old friend and ex-lover, how much the experience had affected her. And when a young, handsome PC joins their conversation, she realises that this may be the perfect opportunity for her to have a little fun of her own…

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When Nick asks Molly about her ultimate sexual fantasy, she reveals it’s a threesome with two men in a hot tub. Though shocked, the more Nick thinks about sharing his wife, the more turned on he gets. The idea of watching her with another man becomes an obsession, but it turns out that Molly’s only too happy to make her fantasy a reality—going as far as booking a chalet in the Swiss Alps with its own private hot tub.

The only question now is who Molly will choose to join them…

Life keeps getting better and better for Nigel. His long-held wife-sharing fantasy is now his reality, and he couldn’t be happier.
Or at least that's what he thinks until his wife reveals her plans for a break.

Their daughters are going away with their cousin’s family, so Karen books a holiday for the two of them—on a Caribbean island. What’s more, she promises to make it a fun-filled week where nothing is off-limits.

Under the hot tropical sun of St Lucia, Nigel learns just hot his hotwife can be.

He’s shocked by the diversity of her sexual appetite, but then she did promise him an ‘anything goes’ holiday adventure…

What starts as a light-hearted flirtation with a stranger in a chatroom soon becomes an obsession for Chloe. Her on-line discussions quickly progress from innocuous revelations about previous partners to her most intimate fantasies. As she’s becoming fixated with exploring different ways of giving and receiving pleasure, her partner Damien gets caught in the cross-fire. Meanwhile, Damien finds himself being used to satisfy her sexual appetite, so why does he feel so guilty?

In the anonymous world of cyber-sex and cheating, it’s hard to tell exactly who is being deceived.

And what happens when the fantasy isn’t enough?

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Extramarital Pursuits series

Nigel is a lucky man. He has everything a man could want: a successful and beautiful wife, a happy marriage, two wonderful daughters, a nice home and his own business.
So why risk it all just to satisfy his dirty fantasy?
When Karen’s throwaway comment about a hot colleague in the Sweden office unlocks the door to his secret desires, he offers her the chance to have a little fun; to mix business with pleasure.
Nigel has fantasised about sharing his wife for a long time. And from the way Karen’s been behaving lately, he suspects the idea appeals to her, too.
But there’s a big difference between fantasy and reality.
Will she take up his suggestion and have a passionate tryst with a virtual stranger while attending an overseas meeting? Neither know the answer when she leaves for the airport, but she doesn’t have to make her decision straight away. She can see how the meeting pans out. After all, it’s an open invitation…

Jim is a simple man with simple needs. He's lives in a nice house on a nice street, he's got a good job, and he plays tennis to wind down. And on weekends he kisses his wife Sophie goodbye when she goes off to swingers' parties to service her ever-escalating needs. Billionaires, porn stars, dancers—one at a time or all at once, it doesn't matter to Sophie. She'll take it every way she can get it and relay all the juicy details to Jim when she gets home.
Life is good. Too good, you might say. For a voyeur like Jim, his open marriage is damn near perfect. Little bit of wife-watching, little bit of playing around... what more could a man want? Well there's only one answer to the eternal question, and that's the eternal truth. He want's what he can't have—romantic dates, curling up in front of a fire, sweet togetherness—and while Sophie is off jet-setting with wealthy men to service her needs, Jim falls into a comfortable friendship with Naomi, a stunning older woman and self-described cougar.
For a man who's known nothing but chocolate-chip, where's the harm in trying vanilla for once? Just a little taste... maybe a scoop...

Trucker Jon has a good thing going. He might spend the week in his cramped cab, but his weekends are spent in the warm comfort of Gemma’s bed. Life couldn’t be better—until Gemma announces that she’s taking in a lodger.

He’s worried at first that their blissful routine may be disturbed, but it turns out that drama queen Amy happens to be a blonde stunner with a body to die for.

When Gemma confides that her attempts to comfort Amy went a little far one night, her previous indiscretions come to light, too. Jon gets the impression that his lovely girlfriend is giving him carte blanche to sleep with the flirtatious lodger to even up the scores.

Jon knows that only the most unscrupulous of men would accept such an offer, but who's he to deny Gemma her absolution? Besides, the lodger is so incredibly hot…

Harry’s having problems rising to the occasion and discovers Michelle’s been using porn to help take care of things herself.

He suggests she lives out her fantasy of a one-night stand, but is shocked by how much he gets out of it. As they repeat the experience with other men, pretty soon neither can stand the idea of going back to what they had before, even though Michelle pushes Harry right out of his comfort zone. 

A cuck and bull story about a very happy hotwife.

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The complete collection — all six steamy ménage stories. 

Pru lifted her dress up and off over her head. Underneath, she wore a lovely white bra and panties set. Her body was fabulous, her tummy flat and toned, the swell of her hips feminine, and her bum pert and peach-shaped. She stepped out of her boots, revealing dainty feet with dark red toenails, then looked at me and raised her eyebrows.

I slowly unbuttoned my top and slipped it back off my shoulders. I knew Jamie and Pru were both watching, but it wasn’t a problem. I was happy with my own body, and had often been complimented on my natural skin tone. After kicking off my ankle boots, I stripped down to bra and panties. When I’d dressed for the party, I’d put on my sexiest black underwear in hope of ending up in Jamie’s bedroom.

I’d just never imagined there’d be another woman here with us. 

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The epic saga of how a really dirty fantasy becomes a fantastically dirty reality. All three books under one sweaty cover.

Jim knelt on the bed next to their legs and watched as his wife slowly made love to the other man. Her head was buried against Joel’s shoulder, her long tousled hair a dark fan over the pillow, hiding both their faces. Their bodies moved together in a slow, sensual dance. From his position on the bed, Jim had a perfect view of their union. With each slow, upward movement of Sophie’s hips he could see Joel’s slippery hardness, partially exposed for a second or two before it disappeared again inside the dark pinkness. Joel was holding Sophie’s hips in his hands, moving her on him. Jim stretched his hand out and gently stroked the back of Sophie’s leg, aroused to feel her thigh muscles working as she rode his friend.
There was a layer of perspiration on Sophie’s back, giving her a sultry, exotic look in the dim yellow light. Their lovemaking seemed to go on for a long time before Sophie reached her climax. She was very vocal as she came – muffled moans and sighs as the current built up, urgent grunts as the waves swelled inside her, then screams and shouts as the waves broke into an explosion of pleasure. Finally, she let out grateful cries and whimpers as she rode the final waves.

Julia receives an invitation to attend a Retirement Ball for her ex-lecturer and decides to attend, even though she won’t know any of the other attendees. Once there, she meets two charming young men who both vie for her affections, each trying to persuade her to choose him over the other. But as the night progresses, she realises her choice doesn’t have to be a simple either-or decision.

Later that evening, after doing something she’d never have believed herself capable of, Julia realises she hadn’t made the most of the situation. This may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lose herself in the ecstasy of surrendering herself to two men at the same time.

Could she live with herself if she did it? Then again, could she ever forgive herself if she didn’t…? 

A Hotwife's Journey series

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A compilation of sexy shorts involving loving couples, ex-partners, flirtatious colleagues, dream-nurses, wife-sharers, and paid escorts.

A girl gets her own back on a boyfriend who obviously doesn’t care about her feelings, while a guy is too ashamed to admit what goes on in his mind while he’s making love with his wife one Sunday morning.
Another man enjoys a welcome interruption from doing the gardening until his wife reveals what inspired her actions, and you wouldn’t believe how a frequent traveller with a dirty mind passes his time in airports.
Ex-lovers meet after 25 years and somehow manage to keep their hands off each other, and a husband frets about what to get his wife for her birthday after she’d arranged the ultimate gift for his. And the care somebody gets in hospital seems just too good to be true.

This collection contains couples in all types of relationships. Read about their actions—from naughty thoughts to dirty deeds. From closed eyes to open marriages.

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James writes erotic fiction.

His latest story describes the adventures of Ruby, a happily-married woman in an open relationship. When James writes a sex-scene which leaves Ruby unsatisfied, she turns up in his real life to demand more from her encounters.

Ruby's presence starts to impact on James's relationship with his wife, with embarrassing consequences.

But he comes to realise that Ruby isn’t just there to help solve the problems with the plot in his story; his own marriage narrative is also in need of a little editing…​

After her husband’s open invitation to become a hotwife, Karen enjoys a variety of surprises and adventures that are hotter than any wife could wish for. This collection covers her entire journey…

Her key in the door made his heart race. He listened as she came up the stairs, then held his breath when she walked into the bedroom. He couldn’t help staring. Her clothes were twisted, her makeup was smudged, and her hair was dishevelled.
She’s fucked someone.
Karen walked to the foot of the bed and looked into his face. “I did it.”
He swallowed.
She pulled her top over her head and dropped it on the floor, then pushed her skirt down over her hips and kicked it away. Slowly, she unclipped her bra at the front. As the cups came away, he saw a love bite on one of her breasts. Karen held his gaze as she pushed her thong down her legs and then bent to pick it up, holding it open so he could see the gooey mess soaked into the crotch.
It was another man’s cum, and it’d dribbled out of her during the drive home. The guy had deposited it deep in her cunt, and she’d returned home to her pervert husband to show him the evidence.
Nigel ached for her.

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Jim’s learning things about himself that he never knew. Surprising things. Like how much he enjoys watching his wife lose herself with another man. Sophie’s learning as well, like how when it comes to male attention, for her it’s a case of the more the merrier.
And Sophie loves getting merry. You might say she’s becoming addicted. Sometimes she needs it so bad she’ll take the initiative herself, even when Jim is not around. For most men, that might be a problem, but Jim is not most men. Just knowing what his loving wife is doing without him, giving herself to those men, letting them have her in every way they can… Yes, he gets jealous, but if Sophie tells him everything, how she becomes so needy that she simply relinquishes her will, it can be almost as good as being there.
Drunk on the seemingly inexhaustible depth of his wife’s libido, Jim oversteps at a swinging party and starts directing Sophie’s lovers, telling them where they should finish. Finally, Sophie cracks. Sticky, degraded, angry, she strikes back and gives her cuckold husband a taste of his own medicine… or at least, her lovers’ medicine.

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To brighten her dreary flat, Natalie buys an old mirror, soon finding that it isn’t what it seems. At the witching hour, her reflection takes on a life of its own. Natalie finds herself physically sharing the sex scenes taking place inside the glass.

Her mirror is her hot little secret until the scenes on the other side become disturbing, making her frightened to stay in her own home.

She knows she needs to overcome the force behind the glass, but the only thing she can think of is to use herself as bait…​

Nigel is amazed by how Karen’s taken to her new role as a hotwife. Not only does she give herself freely to strangers, but she also thrills her husband by giving him all the juicy details he craves when she gets home.
Their sex-life is better than ever.

Nigel realises that an upcoming company get together will mean that they’ll be staying in the same hotel as Sean, the first man he ever shared her with. He offers Karen the chance to enjoy another night of passion, and they hatch a plan that could work. But Sean comes up with a counteroffer that’s just too good to refuse.

For a wife-sharing couple like Nigel and Karen, it’s the ultimate party surprise…

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Take My Wife series

Harry and Michelle are now fully entrenched in their new wife-sharing lifestyle. Michelle is proving to be one of the hottest hotwives around, with bulls waiting in line to take turns. Literally.

As Michelle gets more of what she craves, she pushes Harry further into the role of the cuckold and he’s presented with situations he finds hard to accept.

Things look like they might be going awry until he discovers that not all wife-sharing husbands need to be cucks...

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As her husband of twelve years has run off with another woman, Mindy faces the new millennium needing a new home and new job. But before facing her daunting future head-on, she decides to celebrate the upcoming special Hogmanay in style. In a posh Edinburgh hotel, she puts on her best dress and happy face, deciding that tonight’s the perfect night to take a man back to her room for a night of no-strings passion—something she hasn’t done since her punk rock days.

Her night starts promisingly when she shares her table with two hunky brothers—complete with kilts—but when that spell is broken, a different offer presents itself in the form of a beautiful Scottish woman and her handsome Scandinavian husband.

It’s something she’s never considered before, but… New millennium, new Mindy.

It’s 1979 and Britain’s youth are still clinging on to the punk rock era.

Jag’s band, Frenzy, has been invited to join two other bands as support acts for The Riot as they tour the Midlands.

One of the other support acts is an all-girl punk band from Liverpool, and their bass player’s caught Jag’s eye.

Is it all sex, drugs and Rock’n’Roll?

No, but two out of three ain’t bad…

Short Story Collections

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Another man in their bed? Madness! Sophie and Jim had never done it before—heck, it was only supposed to be a fantasy to get them in the mood for each other. What if Sophie likes it too much? What if Jim has second thoughts when he sees his beautiful wife taken by another man? What if she enjoys the other man more because he has more to offer?

When the perfect opportunity presents, though, they both jump at the chance.

Joel is tall, handsome, and so much bigger than even Sophie expected! Best of all, he’s moving to the other side of the world, so they need never see him again. If Jim plays this right, Joel won’t even suspect the stranger they’re sharing is his loving wife.
Watching his beautiful Sophie—so vulnerable, so unprotected, so utterly owned—Jim experiences a powerful revelation. It’s sure been fun having a gorgeous wife all to himself, but it’s much more fun to share.



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When Josh’s ex-girlfriend asks to meet for coffee, his hopes that they might get back together are crushed by news of her whirlwind romance and marriage. He offers his congratulations through gritted teeth, still besotted enough to agree to meet her again just days later.
This time, Olivia’s more provocative, more flirtatious, and she tells him exactly what part of him she misses the most. Caught up in a rush of emotions which steamroll over his morals, he goes back to her upmarket townhouse and indulges in what he’s been missing. Her behaviour—coarser, sluttier—puzzles him, but that doesn’t stop him going back for more.
And then she tells him that her husband wants to meet him.
Josh is stunned to find that her husband is a cuckold who actively encourages their liaisons. Hotwife Olivia, with her husband’s help, convinces Josh that he has the physical attributes and stamina to service not just her, but several of her friends.
Rising to the challenge, he becomes Ben the Bull, and loves every minute of it. As he explains to a friend, his life is full of dates with gorgeous women interested in having hot, dirty sex and nothing more.
Surely, no red-blooded man could want for anything more than that…?

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