Delores Swallows

A collection of four hot stories about the illicit thrill derived from having sex with a stranger. 

End of the Line - Kerry’s husband wants sexy texts to read during a long train journey, and she obliges—revealing fantasies they’d never discussed face to face. But when he tells her he’s lost his phone, she goes a lot further than sending just texts.
Hors d’Oeuvres - English art student, Denny, finds himself sitting opposite a strange couple on a late night train out of Paris. The guy is huge, drunk and sleepy. The girl is tiny, sexy and very forward.
Character Reference - On the night before her interview Angela takes a mild tranquiliser to calm her nerves, but the only thing relaxed is her inhibitions. Having had very little sleep, she needs to think fast next morning to answer all the awkward questions thrown at her.
Trade - Denise’s husband assures her his obsession with wife-swapping doesn’t mean he wants a different life-partner—and she discovers a short-term trade can be a lot of fun.

Taking a fleeting glimpse inside eight private bedrooms, we eavesdrop on couples having intimate conversations. Their discussions, which involve confessions about their pasts or revelations about their fantasies, inevitably lead to them having hot sex. 
Who’d have guessed what Shona got up to when she was in high school, or that Alison would go so far with a total stranger? And will Tom ever really know for sure if Eleanor’s fantasy about the young stud was just a fantasy? 
By spying into these bedrooms, voyeurs such as us get to learn all their sordid secrets, and we also get to enjoy their reactions to the dirty disclosures. 
Sometimes, just talking about sex can be as much fun as having sex.
But talking about sex while having sex is so much better…

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A collection of five short stories about men getting hot and heavy with strangers, girlfriends and wives—and even with other men’s wives.

College jock Tyler thinks he’s hit paydirt when he manages to take gorgeous MILF Kim back to his place, only to realise he’s nothing more than another notch on her heavily marked bedpost.
A light-hearted conversation between old friends Aiden and Ollie reveals that one of them is deceiving his girlfriend in order to get hotter sex…but she has a little deception of her own.
When Michael is let out of his cage, he certainly makes the most of his opportunity with young and beautiful Tanya.
Scott fulfils the dream of a lifetime by visiting Africa, where he experiences not only the wildlife, but also the wilder side of life.
When the stress of a demanding job and a demanding wife get too much for George, an old ally somehow manages to help him find his way through the pitfalls, despite seemingly trying to point him in all the wrong directions.

Read what’s going-on and who’s getting-off as the action flips from the USA to the UK, and from Africa to Cloud Cuckoo Land.

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A collection of four hot short stories that show just how strongly opposites attract.

Unjust Rewards - Maggie’s always had a thing for bad-boys. While working as a defence lawyer, she finds herself in a position to give serial-offender Sean more than just legal counsel…
The Bigger Picture - Inexperienced student Max knows that his friend’s larger-than-life neighbour Sheila has four children with four different fathers. But while waiting for his friend to get home, Sheila shows him there are better ways to spend his time than playing computer games…
Wedding Belles - Joanna’s been looking forward to their friends’ wedding for a long time. She's worked hard to get her figure back, found the perfect outfit and arranged a babysitter. Her husband decides to drink so much he passes out, but she realises her own evening doesn’t have to be ruined, thanks to the Maître d’...
Unbridled Passion - Leanne should be enjoying the perfect life—successful husband, beautiful daughter, nice house and car, regular exotic holidays. When she meets Doug, an obnoxious labourer at her daughter’s riding school, he wonders what’s missing from her life to make her so bitter. Then he puts his finger on it. In fact, he puts more than his finger on it. Leanne realises he’s probably not a labourer, and finds he’s actually not that obnoxious…

A compilation of sexy shorts involving loving couples, ex-partners, flirtatious colleagues, dream-nurses, wife-sharers, and paid escorts.

A girl gets her own back on a boyfriend who obviously doesn’t care about her feelings, while a guy is too ashamed to admit what goes on in his mind while he’s making love with his wife one Sunday morning.
Another man enjoys a welcome interruption from doing the gardening until his wife reveals what inspired her actions, and you wouldn’t believe how a frequent traveller with a dirty mind passes his time in airports.
Ex-lovers meet after 25 years and somehow manage to keep their hands off each other, and a husband frets about what to get his wife for her birthday after she’d arranged the ultimate gift for his. And the care somebody gets in hospital seems just too good to be true.

This collection contains couples in all types of relationships. Read about their actions—from naughty thoughts to dirty deeds. From closed eyes to open marriages.


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